Global Awareness Club

Aims/Statement of purpose

To equip members with the knowledge and skills required in applying concepts learnt in class to real-life situations through various developmental activities or programs.

Specific objectives

  1. To develop the knowledge of members on the global developmental issues/challenges.
  2. To create awareness of current global affairs related issues in our community
  3. To enhance the technological skills of members in the use of Geographic Information Systems
  4. To develop the research skills of members in preparation for higher learning

Main activities:

  • Research skills
    • Problem identification
    • Techniques of data collection
    • Data analysis using software such as the Statistical Package for the Social Science (SPSS).
  • Development Initiatives to meet the SDGs
    • Identifying needs of a deprived community (on the basis of the SDGs)
    • Undertaken preliminary/baseline studies of a developmental problem
    • Developing a proposal to raise funds to support the cause
    • Provide support to local community to solve developmental problem
    • Create public awareness of the issue, with the view to sensitizing the government or NGOs to undertaken similar development initiatives.
  • Global awareness
    • Knowledge of major global events shaping the future – development, geopolitics, political economy, science, space technology, environment and other issues of global importance.
    • Encourage students to watch television channels that focus of global awareness  – National Geographic, BBC, CNN etc
    • Present oral or written reports, during Friday morning assembly or a radio station, on current critical issues
    • Invite external speakers/experts in various areas of specialization to speak on various issues that will be useful to members so as to increase their understanding of some pertinent global issues stated in (a) above
    • Engage in debates with other clubs (e.g MUN) in the school or other schools/institutions on issues of global importance
    • Develop in-depth knowledge of the geography of African continent and beyond
  • Tourism
    • Research using various apps on major tourist destinations in Ghana, Africa, and the rest of the world
    • Make field trips to some tourist sites in Ghana and other local industries/institutions
    • Promote domestic tourism through various means, including publications on tourist sites and their potential for development
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
    • Understanding the importance of GIS and its application in real-life
    • Use of GIS tools/software in data collection
    • Develop applications for various purposes
  • Understanding Weather
    • Using weather instruments in the weather station to collect data
    • Analyse data to determine trends and patterns in changes in weather
  • Environmental Issues

This will be done in collaboration with the Science and Environment Club.

  • Understanding Finance

Basic knowledge of financial/stock markets and personal financial management skills

The activities listed above will form the basis for starting the club. These will be carried out over a period of three to four semester. With time, other activities would be included to make it more exciting.

Executive Positions

  1. President – Caroline Nyateke
  2. Vice President – Thoedore
  3. Club Secretary  –
  4. Club Treasurer  –
  5. Public Relations Officer –

Constitution and by-laws

To be drawn by executives and members

Guiding principles:

The club will promote leadership, initiative, fellowship and intellectual curiousity among its members.

Club Patrons

Dr. George Grandy-Hallow, Mr. Stephen Owusu Bempah and Enoch Yambilla

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