Careers in Geography

The following professions areas geographers can consider after completing the course at the tertiary level and beyond:

  • International Development/Development Studies. These disciplines offer students the opportunity of working in with organizations such as the World Bank, Action AID, Techno Serve, DANIDA, CIDA and other development oriented organizations. The study of microfinance and entrepreneurship provides students with the necessary skills to initiate/plan, manage and evaluate micro-finance schemes.
  • Development planning: Development Planners work in the Metropolitan, Municipal and/or District Assemblies. Geographers learn about various development theories such as core – periphery model, Rostow’s stages of growth and other social and economic theories that can be used to design  development policies and implement them.
  • Urban planning/management (city mayors)– Geographers study urban environments, which deals with the sustainable management of cities in ways that city dwellers the maximum benefit possible without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
  • Public health workers – Medical geography offers students the opportunity to understand the principles of public health relation to the spread, management and soci0-economic impacts of diseases.
  • Banking institutions – due to the multi-disciplinary nature of the geography. They are trained as Credit Officers, Relationship Officers, Trainers or Human Resource personnel, microfinance officers, entrepreneurship development.
  • Geographers excel in the Military. The military needs geographers to interpret geographical features (through the study of mapwork) and their implications.
  • Pilots. You can only fly over the surface of the earth when you better understand the nature of landforms, weather patterns, land use and seasons ( through the  study of mapwork, weather, political boundaries, geopolitics etc)
  • Work as researchers in research institutions, where they use their investigative skills to clearly examine geographic phenomenon and prescribe solutions.
  • Professors/lecturers at all levels of education
  • Development consultants – by offering development advice to international institutions and investors who are willing to invest in a country or region, but have little know of the prospects. Geographers are better placed to use their knowledge and investigative skills to offer useful information to these investors.
  • International Relations
  • Environmental scientists
  • GIS specialists

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